Ton (Gram) Validator Staking Pool

TON is a flexible multi-blockchain platform being developed from scratch by Telegram messenger team. TON stands for Telegram Open Network. TON Blockchain supports multiple cryptocurrencies. However, it has its own basic coin named TON coin or Gram.

TON network has a special type of nodes called Validators. These nodes confirm each block on the blockchain. The amount of validators is limited to 100. To become a validator you need to send the coins to a special smart contract. The more coins you send the more chances to become a validator you have. The validators are chosen for 1 month period only and then their coins are withheld for 1 more month to prevent validators of doing any fraudful activities (each validator could be penalized for that).

Each month we collect the investments from our users and send them to the TON smart contract to become a validator. If we succeed we receive the reward and distribute it depending on the invested assets percentage. When the validator work and withholding period ends we transfer the shares back to the investors. If we don’t succeed to become a validator this month - the coins are sent back to the investors as well.

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