Energi Shared Masternode Service

Energi (NRG) is a cryptocurrency with self-funding and governance system launched in 2018. NRG is based on the EnergiHash algorithm (similar to Ethash).

NRG network uses POW (Proof of Work) algorithm. The block rewards are distributed between miners and masternode owners: 40% goes to Masternodes, 10% goes to Miners, 10% goes to the Energi Backbone, 40% goes to the Treasury. The Treasury funds approved community proposals with governance over these decisions being applied by the Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) of Energi Masternode owners.

NRG is mostly traded on DigiFinex cryptocurrency exchange.

10 000 NRG is required to start a masternode.

The service fee is 10% from the masternode rewards.

Invest in the masternode by sending any amount over 100 NRG to the 2Masternodes address. Attention! Since the process is anonymous, your rewards would will be sent to the address you have sent your investment from. We recommend using only the local wallet with the entire blockchain. Coinomi multicurrency mobile wallet is operating well but it is less secure. It is not possible to use a wallet generated by a cryptocurrency exchange.

The minimum investment is 100 NRG. If you invest 10 000 NRG in one transaction, a personal masternode will be created immediately, just for you. Otherwise, your contribution will be added to the pool and once the required amount is collected, a new masternode will be spawned.

New masternode share percent is always an integer value. Shares could be 1%, 2%, 3%, 45%, 74% but not 74.65%. This has been done to avoid extra small shares to fill the masternode up that could arise before. If you send 107 NRG you get 1% masternode share (100 NRG) and the rest minus the transaction fee is returned back to your wallet when the masternode is being started.

New ENERGI Masternode funded

0 %


10 000 NRG

$ 26 178.36


Needed rest

10 000 NRG

ENERGI Annual ROI 41%

ROI is calculated based on the block rewards for the last 24 hours. 2Masternodes couldn't guarantee the ROI to be a constant value. The calculator is not taking the system commission into account.

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Unfortunately this coin is no longer supported by the service. All the masternodes were terminated and all the investments have been sent back to the masternode owners.





Total income

$ 215

Masternodes online ENERGI

Name Launch date LAST REWARD TOTAL INCOME Uptime
NRG [gourgeist] 16.02.2020 06.03.2020 82.26 NRG ~ $215.34 104 days

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