Bitcoin Green Masternode Share Service

Bitcoin Green (BITG) is a decentralized energy efficient cryptocurrency based on Masternodes launched in 2018.

BITG network uses Proof of Stake (POS) protocol. The block rewards are distributed between stakers and masternode owners: 85% goes to Masternodes, 10% goes to stakers (POS), 5% goes to governance protocol (treasury fund). The masternode owners vote on which projects that 5% should be spent on. Bitcoin Green uses Green Protocol based on PIVX. The Green Protocol is energy efficient and extremely fast. Additionally, masternodes on the network allow Private Send and Instant Send options. Instant Send lets users send coins instantly to another peer using the masternode network to verify the transaction by consensus. Private Send gives the user the possibility to mix his coins with other users' coins to provide financial privacy to his transactions.

BITG is mostly traded on Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange.

2 500 BITG is required to start a masternode.

The service fee is 10% from the masternode rewards.

Invest in the masternode by sending any amount over 25 BITG to the 2Masternodes address. Attention! Since the process is anonymous, your rewards would will be sent to the address you have sent your investment from. We recommend using only the local wallet with entire blockchain. It is not possible to use a wallet generated by a cryptocurrency exchange.

The minimum investment is 25 BITG. If you invest 2 500 BITG in one transaction, a personal masternode will be created immediately, just for you. Otherwise, your contribution will be added to the pool and once the required amount is collected, a new masternode will be spawned.

New masternode share percent is always an integer value. Shares could be 1%, 2%, 3%, 45%, 74% but not 74.65%. This has been done to avoid extra small shares to fill the masternode up that could arise before. If you send 40 BITG you get 1% masternode share (25 BITG) and the rest minus the transaction fee is returned back to your wallet when the masternode is being started.

New BITCOIN GREEN Masternode funded

5 %


2 500 BITG

$ 1 659.23

125 BITG

Needed rest

2 375 BITG


ROI is calculated based on the block rewards for the last 24 hours. 2Masternodes couldn't guarantee the ROI to be a constant value.

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Week {{ }} ~
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Total income

$ 7125

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